Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Why write?

I confess that the reasons I have resurrected this blog are entirely selfish. I am taking another tilt at blogging because of three recent epiphanies:

1.) Due to my current lifestyle, I don't actually write very much. Ever so often, there is a surge in output as deadlines and projects coalesce, but during the day-to-day I spend a great deal of time reading, never enough time reflecting, and virtually no time putting thoughts down in text.

2.) While I have found work in the past as an editor, I've largely neglected the skill of drafting prose from scratch. To great consternation, I've found increasing difficulties in writing that are likely the direct cause of this neglect. For example, frequently I discover that I have written myself into an analytical roadblock halfway through a paragraph with a simple purpose; on occasion I have trouble remembering adjectives or adverbs; and too often I get caught up in phrasing to complete an idea that is relatively straightforward by itself.

3.) As with most other skills practice makes perfect, and writing should be no exception.

In addition to these factors, there is also a lot to write about nowadays. Much of what attracts my curiosity gets passed over professionally, so there are quite a few scraps that could end up on this medium.

Also, everyone else is doing it.

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