Thursday, May 08, 2008


"But for the sound of pancake batter gently bubbling upon a frying pan, all the house was timid and silent, humble in the glare of the dawn's cruel rays. All the madness of this multi-hued world reverberated upon the hot iron, chuckling gleefully as it shifted from one shade of manic blue to another, swooped from flushed crimsons to oily greens, and danced across the yellows before deciding to toy with a greedy purple. A chaotic kaleidoscope of clashing colours, a brilliant spectacle of split rays and spectral wizardry, Seth was born a wanderer and a seeker, an entity in need of an identity. Breakfast may never be served, but what could one possibly say to a new-born Aurora at 8:00 AM?"

-Genesis, 1:1

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